This is a short game about someone who feels that they are completely disconnected and isolated from the world.

The game was made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4. The theme was connection.

The jam offered four challanges. This game only attampted one: 


Use the arrow keys to move!

Music made by: Doug Maxwell


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I loved the feel behind it, the touch you gave after each animation makes the game look alive!! great work man!!

it was a little bit too relatable for me

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Great atmosphere! Even though the art is simple, it manages to deliver for the mood. Background music is fantastic, writing is simple but original :) I like the font too.

Good concept, decent writing. Music fits the tone. Not much of a game here but as an interactive experience it does well to capture that feeling of hollow conversation. Maybe if the second time through the conversations did something different or our character reacted differently there may have been more time to flesh out that feeling but still a solid submission. Glad to see that you added mechanics to read the text at the player's pace.

I like how you built the experience around the narrative. The ambience sounds are really compelling

Interesting concept. Really captures how it feels to be alone in the world and disconnected from any meaningful relationship.